Collaborative Installation Wire Sculpture Rubric


 4-0 Points

6-5 Points

8 -7 Points

10 -9 Points

Total Points

Followed Directions

Failed to follow directions

Followed 1-2 of the directions


Followed 3-4 of the directions

Followed all Direction



No card turned in

Card turned in

Only one reason given

Hard to read

Card turned in only 2 reasons given

Hard to read

Card turned in

3 reasons given

Easy to read




Poor craftsmanship

(2 or less checkmarks)

Working towards better craftsmanship

(3 checkmarks)


Good craftsmanship

(4 checkmarks)

Excellent craftsmanship-Check all that apply

(5 checkmarks)

  • Wire wrapped tightly
  • No sharp points
  • Tissue paper securely attached
  • Tissue paper attached neatly
  • Nothing falling apart or coming off


Participation/ Progress

Poor Participation/Progress (2 or less checkmarks)

Working towards better Participation/Progress (3 checkmarks)

Good Participation/Progress

(4 checkmarks)

Excellent Craftsmanship- Check all that apply

(5 check marks)

Shows progress everyday

Attentive to the task at hand

Engaged in their art work

Prepared for class

Show up to class on time


40-37=A   36-33=B  32-29=C   28-26=D 25-0=F  Students can redo or  fix any problems and work can be regraded

Total Points